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    A/C compressors, lines, leaks, incl. 134a conversion

    R134 conversion Vanagon catamaran36: I had mine done. The total bill was $2500. That included NEW compressor, all new flex hoses, new hi & lo pressure switches, new receiver-drier and some other minor items. I am very pleased. Please remember that R12 hoses cannot be used -- R134 will migrate...
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    Intoductions -- new to site 2009 >. (No questions or other topics.)

    Moderator Note: Use this thread to announce joining the site. Move on to appropriate categorized threads for tech and info posts; use CHAT ROOM for general chat & messages. Please read the site Guidelines! Many 'newbies' find their first posts cut or moved because they failed to follow the...
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    Funny kids & Westy stories

    W. Bruce Cameron wrote a book entitled 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter. It should be required reading for anyone contemplating children, or at least fair warning to those already too late in discovering they have one. Boys are easy. Girls should be locked in a closet when they turn...
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    Propane accessories -- non-VW

    This topic is to announce or discuss VENDORS of non-VW, not OE installed, propane accessories. Topics for non-OE heaters are in the Heating & Air Condition forum. Do NOT post "source wanted"; they will be deleted per Guideline #5. See also <General Camping Supplies> topic this forum. Comments on...
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    Black & Decker / Stanley; Dewalt, Porter-Cable, Delta

    Black & Decker is the parent copany of the other brands. I've used a lot of Black & Decker over the years, but I now question their commitment to the customer, quality control & some business practices. I have the famous Black & Decker Dustbuster© vacuum. Bought 2; one for shop & one for...
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    KennComm aka Kenneke Communications

    davedailey Junior Member AFM scam KennekeComm Help me out, here Capt Mike- dunno where to post this- KennekeComm in Albany, Oregon is a total scam. They sell waterboxer AFM's cleaned up with the tantalum resistor for $139.95. They sent me one, okay but it was a dud, said to send it...
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    JC Whitney

    Posting this to get a thread started. JC Whitney is still one of the better known mail-order vendors around and we've had a lot of comments referring to them or products in other posts so thought they deserved a shot -- good or bad -- on member experiences. I've been browsing the JC Whitney...
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    Live Chat from Jan 1, 2008 -- DO NOT start new chat; add to this one w/ 'Reply'

    Jan 1, 2008: Happy New Year and best wishes for a safe, prosperous, travel through Westyville. Continue the 'chat' by using the "Reply" button, whether you are responding to or starting a new comment. See the site Guidelines; this forum is for miscellaneous thoughts that are temorary in nature...
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    Caravans &/or camping & clubs Utah area

    Kile,, Junior Member Posted August 09, 2007 12:09 AM I am new to this site so I hope I'm in the correct forum... I live in southern Utah and would very much enjoy caravaning or just camping with other Westy's...any information on Westy clubs or campouts would be great. Thanks
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    Antique Automobile Club of America

    The Antique Automobile Club of America, the AACA, is the largest organization in the world dedicated to the preservation, restoration and history of the automobile. Now that many of the Westies have passed into this geriatric set, I urge all to consider this club. First, antique car ownership...
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    Forum Guidelines:

    How to use this forum. ;) This thread is for you to announce plans or propose a trip or event in which you desire to travel and join other Westy owners. Examples would be gathering a group to caravan to a VW Camping Event or to arrange a camping tour of an area or destination such as a Westy...
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    Importing/Exporting parts

    Mike Robinson Super Member Posted June 19, 2007 08:10 PM Capt Mike: I am not sure where this should go on the site so if you could move it accordingly. I have just had an interesting experience importing into Canada. It is a very odd process, one that can lead to shipments being held at the...
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    U.S. -- East of Miss. River

    A computer glitch deleted several posts on Westy rentals east of the Miss. R. If anyone knows of firms, please repost. Thanks. Westy Tech
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    Sand & Bead Blasting

    Cabinet bead blaster This is almost self-explanatory. Don't know how I ever got along with out one. I had a sandblaster and rarely used it because it was a first class pain in the behind. Set-up, then protect your face and breathing. Sand flying everywhere to be cleaned up later. By the time I...
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    Live Chat from Jan 1, 2007

    Jan 1, 2007: Happy New Year and best wishes for a safe, prosperous, travel through Westyville. Continue the 'chat' by using the "Reply" button, whether you are responding to or starting a new comment. See the site Guidelines; this forum is for miscellaneous thoughts that are temorary in nature...
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    Fridge-water-battery (LED) panel

    Our topic on LED panels has disappeared in a computer glitch. This topic is for the LED panel on the front of the galley cabinet on Vanagons, the fridge/battery charger panel on late Type II P27's and the E153 display on Eurovans. John has provided me with text version back-ups of the original...
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    Copied from Dealer Policies forum. <Gene & Heide> Posted February 20, 2001 01:55 AM Memorial VW in Tulsa, OK charged me about $400 for a fuel pump they didn't put on.
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    Transferred from a 'dealer policies' topic. Gary B. Dixner Super Member Posted January 30, 2001 12:41 PM Nashville TN Dealer refuses to service Vanagons! Nashville Volkswagen, phone number 615-780-2255. Since I hadn't talked to them directly, I called this morning. The woman who answered...
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    Aerodynamic Aids -- wings, spoilers, air dams, deflectors.

    Transferred to create new topic. deedu Member Posted September 14, 2006 09:57 PM I apologize in advance if this is posted in the wrong area/listing, but it does have to do with aftermarket and roofs, and after looking through the rest of the listings this seemed like the best place. I have...
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    Antique Restoration & Specialty shops

    The Old Carb Doctor 1127 Drucilla Church Road Nebo, NC 28761 800-945-CARB 828-659-1428 is used by some of the finest antique restoration shops. Mail order and open shop. Monday-Saturday 8 am to 7 pm. Carburetors completely restored from core supplied by customer. Castings resurfaced and...