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    Environment and the Westy

    As with many Westy owners, I would guess, I am extremely concerned about the environment, and particularly CO2 from vehicle emissions. However, I also love travelling in my 84 Westy. I rationalize that at least it beats a big V8 RV. I suspect, however, that it does not beat a more modern V8 RV...
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    Storing a Westy

    I have my daughter-in-law's '84 Westy for 9 months while she is teaching in Switzerland. I don't need it (I have my own '84), so it needs to be stored. It can't have the garage (mine's in there). I have to just park it in the yard. I have disconnected the battery, will wash it occasionally, and...
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    American SW

    My son and his lady-friend will be at Red Rocks canyon near Las vegas, in their 84 Westy, at Christmas. My wife and I plan to go down there in our 84 Westy from Vancouver, BC to join them at Christmas. I have questions such as... where to camp, what to expect for weather, etc. [ 11-22-2001...