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    Eurovan engine conversion

    I have been waiting for pictures since you started this thread, What are you thinking?
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    NEWBIE>>>I made a mistake. Cleanser and scrub brush too POP TOP.

    NEWBIEt t t I made a mistake Cleanser and scrub brush too POP TOP I guess Im more curious about the idea of using a windshield from some other vehicle as a giant sunroof. Is there precedence for this?
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    What is this ?

    What is this I was buy the karnival death heads armour edition deck, and i think is this faulty but i'm not sure. What do you think?
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    Pictures Westfalia Museum

    I think she looks quite good in that era but maybe it is the mullet that doesnt do it for you?
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    Troubleshooting help -- is it the clutch?

    Troubleshooting help is it the clutch My clutch biting is very high up and the adjustment nut on the cable at the gearbox end is adjusted all the way to the end of the thread. Is there anyway to mod to the cable to give more adjustment a thinner adjustment nut perhaps?.
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    Rock My RV

    That is quite the collection, our Mick has lived the rock and roll life
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    1978 FI Engine noises

    1978 FI Engine noises Thanks dant5r any top tip on how to do this and what ratios are normal?? Thanks again