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    Cooler Console

    I recently purchased a Coolatron Cooler for my Westfalia. They make an upright that fits to perfection between the Capt & Co-pilot seats. There is still room to shift and use the armrests. The unit simply plugs into the cigarette lighter. Can be used to cool things or (switch polarity and it...
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    Factory shop publications -- Bentley Publishing

    I would like to purchase a manual (manuals) for my 92 Euro CV. Is the Bentley the best one to get? Is it a 2 volume issue? Thanks Jay Moderator Note: This is the correct forum to discuss the Bentley publications themselves and Bentley Publishing as a vendor. Comments on obtaining the Bentley...
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    Propane Attachments

    Has anyone tried or heard of teeing off the LP tank to run a barbeque. Thanks Jay
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    Pop-top Canvas (Screens have own topic)

    We have a 92 Euro CV. What is the best product for treating canvas? Thanks Jay