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    The previous owner of my '90 camper just contacted me and said he found a second table and arm for my van. When I purchased the van it came with the rear table and arm, but no second table, just a forward mounting location. I assumed this forward mount was an optional location to use the rear...
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    Auxiliary (non-factory) heat and heaters

    I hope I'm in the right section this time. I have a '90 Westy and plan on taking some winter camping trips in Michigan this year. I am interested in adding an aux. heater that works while parked without the engine running. I have added a second battery and thought of using a 12V heater, but...
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    Power mirrors, electronic dimmed mirrors

    My '90 Westy has power outside rear view mirrors and the passenger side one is not working. The driver side works fine, but when I try to move the passenger side mirror I only hear an electrical relay click on and off. I have manually moved the passenger side mirror in all directions, but...