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    Interior fittings, hand straps, hangers, etc.

    On our 85 Vanagon the strap next to the sliding door broke off. I can't see how it is attached so I can install another strap. Thanks Lono
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    Park/nuetral switch A/T transmissions

    This problem has been touched on here before. I had a clear failure of the Park/Neutral Switch on my 1985 Vanagon. I had noted for some time a delay or sluggness of the starter solenoid kicking in. Finally it failed completly to start. I took off the four screws holding the shift lever cover and...
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    Last year after traveling about 40 miles in our 85 Westy, on a gravel road, the right hand mud flap bracket was bent back by rocks thrown up by the front wheel. This year after about 15 miles on a loose gravel road the left hand flap was torn nearly across. I don't think the flaps are OEM. I...
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    Tire Pressure

    I have Bridgestone LT 185R14D's on my 1985 Vanagon. I have been trying to get the recommended pressure from Brdgestone but all I get is about the tire recall. I would like two numbers. 1 for highway driving, 2 for rough mountain road driving. I load the van to about 5000 GVWR. I have been...
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    Refrigerator, RM182B (Vanagon AC/DC/LP)

    I ran some tests on the fridge in my '85 Westy. With maximum cool it ran 53 degrees at the aluminum plate below the outside temperture. On a hot day the food inside will probably spoin. Is my fridge working as designed? If so where can I find a better replacement that will fit? I haven't thrown...
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    Remote Flame Sensor

    Any Ideas for a Flame Sensor to tell you the flame went out without opening the door ?. Lono, Sunnyvale, CA
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    Fill & shutoff valves and Regulator

    I just acquired a 85 Vanagon. We had problems with the propane system. The fill valve leaked so I had it replaced with a manual-bleed fill valve. Then we found that the LPG regulator was leaking from the low pressure diaphram. We couldn't find a replacement for the old, 4.25 inch long one...