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    Eurovan parts and accessories

    Anyone know of a place in Canada where you can get camper parts for older Eurovan's (like a 1992)? I am looking for a cap for the water tank drain and possibly other small items. I am a new Westy owner (less than a week) so am brand new at finding suppliers and decent Eurovan/Westy web-sites.
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    1992 Eurovan CV Water tank drain plug

    Just bot a 1992 Eurovan CV and I noticed under neath the water tank, there is no cap on the drain hose. I see it is threaded so must have had a screw top cover for it. Are these easy to acquire? Is it a standard size? Thanks.
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    I am hoping to become a new Westfalia owner, have liked them for quite a while but hard to find where I am. I'm looking at a 1992 Eurovan with 253,000 km on it.Has had a lot of engine work in the last 5k like new altrnator, battery, some gaskets, timing belt, etc. I believe the transmission is...