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    Shocks for poptop

    Hi all...I need to replace my two hydraulic shocks for the poptop. I ordered two a while back, from Turkey!, but they were just a tiny bit too long! Anyone have any recommendations on where I can look to buy two that would fit a 1997 Westfalia Eurovan Winnebago edition?
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    Looking for Westy repair in SF Bay Area

    Hi...I'm looking to sell my 1997 Westfalia Winnebago Eurovan (under 60k miles) but need to get some relatively minor repair work done, such as installing the pop-top shocks, replacing the CO2 detector and furnace controls, etc. Does anyone have any recommendations for someone in the San...
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    Short circuit

    My '97 has an odd problem where the drivers and passenger side windows, and rear-view mirrors, don't work. The stereo (after market) works for a while, but then mysteriously turns off. When it first happened, I could slam the drivers side door (not the best thing to do while driving!) and the...