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    Thermostat Replacdement on 1.9L

    I could find little information on replacing the thermostat on my 1985 camper. This is probably because the 1.9L engine in the 83.5 to 85 vanagons has a metal thermostat housing that was replaced by plastic in subsequent years. Beware: The metal thermostat housing is no longer available...
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    Power Steering Hose

    When the high pressure power steering hose connecting to the top of my power steering pump started leaking I came here to get some advice but found no discussion. They want from $250 to $325 for a replacement! When I found a site that would rebuild one for $125 I realized that there were...
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    Sliding and Barn Doors, incl glass both sides.

    The latch for the window on the sliding door of my '85 is stuck down so I can't lock it. I tried to take it apart to try to fix it, but I can't figure out how to get the bugger off. Does anyone know how to take this thing apart?
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    Portable Generators, Inverters and Power-packs

    I want to go to the desert this summer but my wife won't go unless I can keep the camper cool. I took the AC off my '85 years ago; it didn't cool well from day one. The only way I can think of to really keep the interior cool is get a portable AC and run it off a generator while I'm driving. The...