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    The Westy my family built.

    I decided to restore yet another VW. This time a beautifully painted '76 Westfalia. Original chrome-yellow color, but had to break up the monotony with two-tone (pure white top 1/2). Plus, I converted it to a deluxe w/stove and fridge. Having a large and tight-knit family, I have made it a...
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    Just Kampers

    A UK organization which has an immense supply of obscure Westy parts. Received great products, well packaged and genuine VW. It pays to shop. heatster.
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    Combining Hella Single Relay kit w/Westy Fridge

    I read through the diagrams of the Westy on Capt. M's home page, and through most of the boards. Very helpful. However, I am at a loss with this one. I converted an icebox to a refridge in a '76 Westy, it works great on AC, followed Capt. M's Bentley instructions, and works beautifully. Now...