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    2wd to 4wd Conversion

    At the risk of starting a new topic....after searching the archives. 87 Westy, 2WD. Has anybody attempted to convert to 4WD? I sure do envy those with Syncros, but I can hardly afford the price. What about buying a Syncro Vanagon for parts to do the conversion? Is this totally unrealistic...
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    Snow buildup on cables, other road hazards

    I searched the archives, but didn't find this problem. I drive my 87 Westy in the snow quite a bit. After parking for a few hours (like after snowboarding), I have noticed that the throttle cable will want to stick wide open. In other words you can push the gas peddle down, but it won't return...
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    Replacement options?

    Well it looks like the cooling unit on my fridge is toast. I've gone through all of the tests outlined in this thread and also had a propane technician check it out. They say $600 for the part "if it's available". I went to the Dometic web site and they have no replacement option for this...
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    Manual Transmission problems

    Well, I talked to Daryll at the suggestion of John (in the linkage forum) about my shifting problems. He said, "Got 150,000 miles?" which I do and he said it is the slider hub breaking. Claims it is a design flaw and that the new part fixes the problem. So, if your tranny is suddenly getting...