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    No Power...

    If you remove the screw on top of your faucet, you will notice a simple brass connection. When that head is rotated, the brass parts contact each other and then you have electrical current. It is necessary to clean the brass connections every so often to create that contact.
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    Interesting. Let us know what you find out! TP
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    '87 Westy starts fine but stalls when the gas is pressed.

    Good Morning Avocet. Did you find your culprit? Your issues have probably been well documented in the forum, so take your time sifting through the posts Capt. Dave and the hundreds others have spent time documenting. Do you own a Bentley repair manual? It can be helpful in diagnosing these...
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    ECU fixed Bucking Problems - '85 Westy 1.9L Automatic

    Picked up a used ECU and van runs perfectly now. Tried new AFM and checking grounds, but ECU solved problems. Van runs and shifts like it should now. Just wanted to give people a heads up if you are scratching your head b/c you get a weird hesitation at running speeds. Peace.