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    Ann Aror Community Automotive Repair 846 E.Fulton 774-7408 These guys have taken great care of both of my Westys. Tell Todd that Roger sent you. [ 02-28-2002: Message edited by: Capt. Mike ]
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    Water Shortages & Rationing Areas

    I'm going around Lake Superior In August and have learned that Ontario is rationing their water. Pukaskwa and other parks do not have showers or flush toilets available.Restaurants have closed their bathrooms(isn't that half the reason you stop at a restaurant?). The good news is that water...
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    Hey brothers and sisters, has a window sticker for their members.How about we have a contest to design one for our website?
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    Spare Tire Carrier questions (except exterior mount kits)

    I recently upsized the tires on my 89 westy to 205/70 Michelin MXT's.The tires are awsome but my dealer says he can't order the larger tension rods anymore.He also showed a different pan for the 205's.Can I eliminate the top parts of the rods and just bolt the tire to the pan? [ 07-12-2001...