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    Organizing the checklist

    We keep our checklist (or rather, collection of checklists) in an Excel spreadsheet. The list is divided into worksheets - one for each area of the van, with additional sheets for bags (like the toiletries bag), van maintenance (check oil, tires, etc.), and a last minute house list (light timer...
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    Exhaust hose for the garage

    Winter's coming - time to use the garage heater again. I have a corrugated rubber hose for routing vehicle exhaust out of the garage, just like the pro's use. Two potential problems I'm looking for the solution to. First, has anyone found a way to secure the hose on the Westy's rather short...
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    Hot water in the morning

    We carry a fairly big thermos and find that if we heat water on the stove and fill the thermos before turning in. The water stays hot enough that we can mix it with water from the tank, and have instant warm water to wash up in the morning.