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    Something CRAZY that happened while you were camping?

    I've seen a lot of strange things while out in my 81 Westy around the U.S. Maybe the strangest was when I stopped for a few days at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. So, it's cocktail time and I'm sitting outside under the canopy relaxing, some light classical in the...
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    Bay Window Interiors

    I have a quick question which someone out there can easily answer. Did Westfalia make any late bay window pop-top vans with the same/similar camping interior as found on the Vanagons a few years later? (i.e., 3-way fridge, built-in stove, etc.) Thanks!
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    Just a quick heads-up for anyone thinking about re-doing the seats, especially the rear bench seat that turns into a bed. Turns out there is a big difference between upholstery material that is dyed as compared to material where the pattern is actually woven into the fabric. Went to a fabric...
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    Latest trip

    Just returned from a month-long trip from Los Angeles via Vancouver, Canada, Boston, Florida and a few other places. In the U.S. I only saw two other Westys the entire trip...over 9,000 miles. However, I saw more Westys in Vancouver, BC, in one day than I might see in Southern California in...
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    Trouble Starting a 1982 Westfalia 2L

    Trouble starting... Could be the Mass Air Flow meter. They do wear out... The shop manual shows how to easily test it with a multi-meter. Here's what the inside looks like. Could also be vacuum leaks and a host of other gremlins.