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    No LP gas to burners.

    Most likely the regulator
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    A virtual Westy wave for now.

    This is typical for that year. You may want to upgrade to new higher intensity headlights. GoWesty has them.
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    20 years of owning a Westy

    Congratulations! Nice! But only 20 years? Going on 28 here. It was our vacation home for many years: Yellowstone Park, Grand Canyon and multiple trips to Disneyworld and Key West. Now its mostly used for occasional weekend camping trips.
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    1980 westy AUX heater options.

    We use a small electric Ceramic heater. It stows easily in the back and saves us from using our built in furnace when we have access to electricity. If you search the site you may find other suggestions.
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    Is this site still active??

    Hi It’s not as active as it used to be. Unfortunately, it got disrupted by mass spamming on our previous software platform. It’s starting to show up in Google searches again and is getting more exposure. It’s a great repository of information. Just about every question and answer has been...
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    Hellow members.. I inherited a 1979 Westfalia and will start restoration on it.. lots of questions to follow.

    Hi! Hi! Welcome! Your best bet is to browse through the forums. There’s tons of information there. John
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    We've changed to new software with improved spam control. Hopefully, we'll be able to keep the spammers at bay.
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    Loaded Chicken Breast

    Camping Recipe of the Week Don't forget to have a napkin handy, because I guarantee your mouth will water once you try this! Loaded Chicken Breast - submitted by Kym Shelton: "Generally, ...Read Full Post More...
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    Are Holidays a Bad Time To Camp?

    Labor Day weekend is popular as the last time for family to go camping before the kids return to school, if they haven't already. Consequently, campgrounds can become overcrowded, and ...Read Full Post More...
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    Camping Blogs

    Daphne Worsham says her blog, Running K & R Ranch, is primarily "... for family and friends, as we are on the road six months out of the year, and ...Read Full Post More...
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    Campground Reviews - What's New

    Here are some recent campground reviews submitted by fellow campers. Click on a campground name to read the full review.<ul>Amicalola Falls State Park, Dawsonville, Georgia "We had a wonderful time at this campground. It was just a short distance from the Approach Trail to the Appalachian Trail...
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    Community Gallery - What's New

    Land of Lakes Campground, Dowagiac, Michigan "We have been coming up to the Sister Lakes area since we were kids. We tried camping about 5 years ago with a popup. We really like the park, and we now rent a seasonal site for the last couple of years." ~ Cindy and Tom Read more ...Read Full Post...
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    Do You Like To Grill?

    Results of my campground cooking poll indicate that most campers like to cook on the grill. Whether you use the grill supplied at the campground or you take a portable ...Read Full Post More...
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    Camping Blogs

    Elle has a camping blog called Kids Outback Club, which "is a family friendly California Camping Guide, covering easy camping recipes, best places to camp, and great camping gear for ...Read Full Post More...
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    Campground Reviews - What's New

    Here are some recent campground reviews submitted by fellow campers. Click on a campground name to read the full review. Calhoun KOA, Calhoun, Georgia "We were disappointed with this campground as soon as we pulled in with our 34-foot motorhome. The so called fishing pond was to the left. It...