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    I just discovered the Bostig NFB bumper this morning. Pretty cool. I'm in the market for a new set of bumpers for my '87 Westy Weekender. I like Bostig's approach. Anyone out there know anything about it? Has anyone tried the buy-in thing? Just curious. Otherwise, thinking of having a buddy of...
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    Seattle To Patagonia (and back?)

    Well, I got this idea in my head recently to start planning a trip from Seattle to Patagonia. While this wouldn't happen for a couple of years, I still can't shake the thought that it would be epic, and that it is something I want to do. I've wanted to go to Patagonia for quite some time--for...
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    Vanagon Wiring Kit?

    I tried searching around for a good place to post this question, but couldn't really find anything. Anyway, in trying to diagnose some lighting issues, I took the cover off of the wiring box that is in the front of left of the engine compartment on my 87 westy. After inspecting wires, I noticed...