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    Burning Man 2007

    This topic is to cover discussions about Burning Man 2007. You can find out more about Burning Man at the official web site. If you wish to be updated on any new postings in this discussion click on the "Notify" tab.
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    A Brief History of the VW Type II Bus

    In doing some research for a Westfalia article, I came across this interesting post at the BBC's web site John ------------------------------------------ The birth of the VW Type II (Type I being the Beetle) arose after World War II when the British found themselves running the VW factory...
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    U.K. -Sussex Sussex Volkswagen Owners' Club

    Sussex Volkswagen Owners' Club, c/o PenyBryn, Ninfield Road, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, TN395JJ. email: web site [Moderator Note 3/29/07: Above link now leads to a page of babble without any VW club content. Try]
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    Fresh water lines -- tank to sink

    Transferred due to consolidate same topics. Fresh water line replacement Lemore Junior Member # 211 posted 08-09-2001 10:06 AM I've been considering replacing the lines from my fresh tank to the sink. They are looking a little "funky" in places and I'm paranoid about that type of thing. I was...
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    Water Tank, filler & fill line

    Transferred from other posts to consolidate topic. No key for water tank fill radair Junior Member # 425 posted 11-02-2000 07:54 PM My '84 Westy came without a key for the water tank fill. Are these unique keys, or would they be keyed alike and just need to find another Westy owner with one...
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    June 1,2,3 -St. Mathieu de Beloeil (Quebec) During the weekend of June 1-2-3 in St. Mathieu de Beloeil (Quebec), the International Westfalia Camping Car Club will be holding its first Summer rally at the Alouette Campground ( where approximately 350 vehicles will be in...
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    Sad Westy Stories

    I will have to cancel my Westy membership as I was in the floods at the Kruger Park on February 7th this year and unfortunately our VW Microbus with the Westfalia roof etc. went down the river and is a complete write-off. I have attached some photos taken of it as it landed up in the river bed...
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    Westminister Volkswagen: Camper rentals. Phone: (604) 939-4340 Fax: (604) 461-0380 If you've had experience with them, please post.
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    Mesa My wife and I have just completed 2 months in the southwest and have 2 mechanics to rave about for the great service they gave our 1987 vanagon. The first is in Mesa Az, German Auto Repair at 2221 W. Broadway Rd Phone #968-4613. Bill and Kay Rozar
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    The Care & Feeding of Batteries

    The Care & Feeding of Batteries Capt. Mike Soehnlein 5/8/00 (7:21 AM) There are so many rumors, stories, old tales & misconceptions about batteries, I thought I would try to consolidate the many resources I have into some semblance of order. First, there is no perfect, right answer for...
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    Ok, I really needed a new toy and couldn't resist any longer. Finally bought my GPS aGarmin eMap. Then I found out about the latest game for GPS owners. Seems like agreat activity for Westfalia Owners. John INTRODUCTION TO RECREATIONAL GEOCACHING (Preliminary Version 6/1/00 by Dave Ulmer)...
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    O² Sensor

    FROM THE CHAT ROOM: I ordered an O2 sensor from Bus Depot and it was only $40.00 The one they had in stock was $l94.00--quite a difference. The VW technician told me they were expected to splice the old plug-in onto the new O2 sensor, as the plugs didn't match. I told them to go ahead and put...
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    Breaking in a New/Rebuilt Engine & Driving Tips

    FROM THE CHAT ROOM: How do I break it in? Drive 50MPH the first 500 miles? Warm it up before I take off? I do appreciate your advice. chinook
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    Non-Westfalia or VW Conversions

    FROM THE CHAT ROOM: mojorisin: just got back from looking at a t vanagon california conversion camper,its not a westfalia,i fell in love with this van immediately,the interior is so diferent,its not a poptop,its a raised top,with a bunk,alot of wood even a thermostat for the heater,wow i...
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    A/C compressors, lines, leaks, incl. 134a conversion

    Last June I brought the Westy in to the VW dealer because the a/c wasn't functioning. They changed some resistors on the cooling fan and replaced the freon. The freon they put in ($250) has a dye that shows any leaks. 3 months later it wasn't cooling anymore. Since I had been out of town...