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    Has anyone ever dealt with OEVEEDUB? They are located in out of the way Colorado. Thier website features lots of repair/restoration/replacement part for all manner of VW'S. I find it odd that I have never heard of them on this site before. Does anyone out there have any experiance with them...
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    guzyk Junior Member Posted September 20, 2005 04:20 AM St-Hubert (Montreal south) During a cross country trip I stopped at Bens Place for a few minor repairs. What a find! Ben is a VW enthusiast and works on air cooled and water cooled Westy's all the time. He was able to find inexpensive...
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    Cell phones

    Now that we have all abandoned out three watt analog cell phones for .5 watt portables, reception gets poor or non existant in rural areas. I have already mentioned the need for a dual or tri-mode phone because the analog coverage area is so much better. Another item that really helps is a...
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    Aftermarket A/C systems

    I hope I'm psoting this in the right way. I have a 86 syncro with what I thought was factory air. 709sandon compressor same evaperator as other westys I've seen. But,,,it seems that it is some sort of after market installation. The compressor clutch won't come on. Everything else checks out...