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    availability of tires for 91 Westafalia

    Does any tire maker manufacture tires that I need for my 91 Westy? Right now I have Yokohama Super Van 356 185-R-14 8PR and could use new ones. I went to the Yokohama site and could not find any tires listed for a 91 VW Vanagon. What are the options
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    power loss in 1st gear

    After coming to a stop and starting in 1st, there is very little power before I shift to 2nd. The other gears seem not to be affected. If I shift down from 2nd to 1st, the power loss is not as noticeable. I don't know if this is a transmission problem, but am taking a guess, but could it...
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    How to know when to replace engine

    I have a 91 Westfalia with a new engine at 130,000 miles. . I am now at 245,000 miles and the engine is sounding louder every time I drive it. There is a smell from the exhaust when I start it, but I see no smoke. One mechanic said he didn't know what the noise is but I didn't need a new...