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    Radio CodE

    I changed out the map light in my 91 westy to a LED and blew the fuse when reinstalling and I fumbled through the radio code resetting. The radio is the Original with a cassette player, there is a VW Design logo on the cassette door and a red key logo under the display. After several days of...
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    Blinking red water level light

    I have been trying to get "that" blinking light in the middle of the temp gauge on my 91 Westy to stop blinking. I finally unplugged the relay that feeds the blinking red light, the red light still blinks on start up but now goes out. My question is will this affect any other systems? I...
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    Gurgling engine

    When I went into the mountains(3000 ft) today and last week, my 91 Westy made a gurgling sound at the right rear air supply grill. The make-up tank was full and a small amount of water escaped, I started the engine and let it run hoping to get the coolant circulating and it stopped after a few...