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    Looking for Westy repair in SF Bay Area

    Hi Tyler. I live in Berkeley and for years used The Buslab which only works on vans. I recently became disenchanted with them after receiving my van back with the problem not fixed on more than one occasion. I’m currently trying out LaVerre’s in Concord. So far, so good. Did you ever find...
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    Break-ins, car theft & vandalism

    I'm just curious. I live in the SF Bay area, and I always lock my van. A friend used to not lock her car and found that homeless were sleeping in it at night, then leaving before she got up in the morning, so she started locking her car. It's obvious that there's stuff in it. I'm wondering how...
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    Camping by the side of the road

    I live in northern California. A friend of mind told me you can camp for free in National Forests (it's our land...). Does anyone know if this is true? I'm curious about the laws regarding pulling off onto a deserted road and setting up camp for the night. Where can I find camping...