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    Mexico December 2007

    I think it's more appropriated to post in the Event & Activites than in the Destination section... it's a event after all. Next November/December 2007 a group of Westy (between 5 and 100) will travel from Canada across USA and deep into Mexico, i said Canada because it's the further up north...
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    Vanagon reliability

    Good day to you all. I wish to demystify the Vanagon reliability. (In that case, more specifically the 1.9-2.1 water-cooled engine) First we are running 10-20 years old vehicles!!! That says it all! In the 90' (and still today) most manufacturer where making car and truck so they could last for...
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    Coolant Bleeding

    Good day to you all, (87 Westy) I think that subject is worth a new topic, yours to decide. Last year I changed my head gasket (another subject!!!), and of course; I add to refill my coolant system (with new one!). At the time I was not really aware of the "refill-air pocket" problem, if a...
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    BC and Canada's Pacific Coast

    Upcoming Trip OK guys, my summer vacation are getting close, yes like all of you I'm a bit worried about the reliability of my "machine" but I think that with good love and care she will do fine. She is running strong at 140000 km (90k mile) / original engine with no oil or coolant...
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    First trip

    First trip in my 87, did a 1100 mi and no problem, not even a leak (Oil, Gas or coolant), she didn't take a drip of oil (maybe a 1/4!!!) or coolant quite happy with the van, I stop to Quebec city on my way back to Montreal (Canada) on a very hot day and was caught in traffic, no overheating...