1955 Volkswagen Van Sold for 233k: Not Hippie [Photo Gallery]

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1955 Volkswagen Van Sold for 233k: Not Hippie [Photo Gallery]1955 Volkswagen Van Sold for 233k: Not Hippie [Photo Gallery]

Hippies loved the Camper and ever since Volkswagen opened the doors for their second car model the entire auto world would step into a new stage. Popularly known as the microbus, it was remembered rather as a cheap and noisy van youngsters would use for long road trips. But that was not the case with this particular 1955 Volkswagen T1 Fenster Barndoor Samba model, which sold for EUR190,000 ($233,000) the other day.
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Article source: http://www.autoevolution.com/news/1955-volkswagen-van-sold-for-233k-not-hippie-photo-gallery-89756.html

Everything About Hot Rods

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You know them; you love them; they’re your favorite hot rods and today you’re going to find out more about them. As you might know by now, hot rods are the classic American cars that feature large engines which have been modified to get linear speed. No one really knows how the term “hot rod” was invented. But we do know that roadsters used to be the favorite card for drivers due to their light weight, easily modifiable components, and extremely affordable prices. In the thirties and the forties the term hot rod was introduced as it represented the name of the car that had been hopped up by altering its engine to get to higher performance. The term gow job was also used to refer to a hot rod, but only historians use it today.  

Hot Rods Around The World

At the moment, there is an amazing culture of hot rods around the world. Places like the United States, Canada, Sweden, Australia, or the UK are all enjoying a highly developed hot rods culture. There are even two main divisions of the international hot rod community, spread among the street rodders and the hot rodders. Some of these folks also enjoy the Ladbrokes Partners brands when it comes to affiliate programs. The hot rodders are known to build their own cars while using many original car parts obtained from wrecking yards or the NOS. They like to look for inspiration in the styles that characterized the 1940s through the 1960s. Street rodders on the other hand are known to build cars while using new parts. They are also likely to ask for help with building their cars. Events such as GreaseOrama host traditional hot rods; there are also special magazines such as Ol' Skool Rodz or Gears and Gals hot rods fans like to purchase.


Car Lockout Trouble?

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In case you’ve already purchased your tickets for the upcoming Columbus International Auto Show, you are probably eagerly doing some side research on the cars that you’ve heard will be presented there just to make time pass by faster. No wonder, since you’re so passionate about cars! But how about learning a few useful ways of handling a car lockout problem?


What To Do When You Lock Yourself Out Of Your Car  

It happens; lack of sufficient sleep at night, hectic morning on the run to get to the office eon time, rushing to the bank just before it closes – these are all events that could make your mind be in five places at a time – and make you leave your keys into the ignition by mistake. Your first reaction is highly likely that of panicking. No matter how automated, technology-rich your car might be, the method of mocking yourself out remains as simple as ever before. The most unfortunate events occur when you mistakenly lock your child or pet inside and it become impossible for you to get them out. Keep in mind you can immediately get in touch with a local locksmith company and have them send a professional to your location on the spot. It usually takes around 20 minutes for them to get there – look for locksmith that have nationwide coverage like the fellows at LocksmithKey. They have 247locksmithservice emergency personnel serving the car lockout needs of people from all states – and the great news is they have a special policy saying all of the car lockout call they receive will be treated like emergency calls. You don’t need to be in distress anymore – if you have a tendency to lock yourself out, save the toll free number of these guys and get in touch with the fully trained, licensed, bonded and insured professional locksmiths on the spot.   

Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo Brings Opulent Luxury to the Camper Van Crowd

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Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo Brings Opulent Luxury to the Camper Van CrowdUnveiled this week in Germany, the new Marco Polo camper from Mercedes-Benz is several cuts above your average bargain-basement mobile home.

Mercedes-Benz has put its own uniquely luxurious twist on the world of the grimy and grubby campervan – say hello to the gorgeously upmarket Marco Polo. Clearly looking to usher out the Volkswagen California in its native Germany, the new Merc camper really is a tale of wall to wall refinement inside and out. Continue reading »

Article source: http://www.worldtechtoday.com/mercedes-benz-marco-polo-brings-opulent-luxury-to-the-camper-van-crowd/12482/edward-jones

This Family is Taking an Epic Road Trip From North to South America

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This Family is Taking an Epic Road Trip From North to South America

The Harteau family overlooking Peru, one of their South American stops. (All photos courtesy of Adam and Emily Harteau)

In October 2012, Adam and Emily Harteau decided to cast off the definition of “normal” life, hop in a tricked-out Volkswagen Westfalia van, and drive from California to Tierra del Fuego in South America. They planned to return one year later. If you’re thinking this merely sounds like an extended road trip, you should consider that Emily and Adam took their daughter Colette, then 21 months old, with them.

This crew is still on the road, trekking through South America at their own pace. On June 22, Emily gave birth to her daughter Sierra Luna.. And she concedes that being on the road during a pregnancy is no small feat. Continue reading »

Article source: https://www.yahoo.com/travel/realtravel-family-goes-on-a-never-ending-road-trip-of-90386980527.html

Trio of cheesy classic VW buses stolen, recovered

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Cheese Vans Stolen

Three customized Volkswagen Buses (pictured above) made to look like blocks of Tillamook cheddar cheese are safe again after being stolen on July 12, and two men are in police custody for the alleged theft.

The cheesy cadre of VWs, their custom trailer and a Ford F-350 to haul them were on a promotional tour when they were stolen from a hotel parking lot in Manteca, California. Police began searching for them, and the group of bright orange Volkswagens wasn’t too hard to sniff out. The three vans with an estimated value of $100,000 each were recovered undamaged on July 14 from a storage center in California about 50 miles away from where they were taken, according to Oregon Live. It reports that one of the men arrested rented a space there.

Unfortunately, the trailer and pickup used to haul the classic VWs weren’t so lucky. Prior to finding the vans, police discovered the other vehicles burned out. It appears the alleged thieves tried to turn them into grilled cheese…

Article source: http://www.autoblog.com/2014/07/19/tillamook-vw-bus-theft-recovery/

Berkeley garage ‘The Buslab’ keeps vintage VW buses on the road

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Volkswagen bus

Alejandro Rosas/KQED

Steve Perzan has taken his Westfalia for repairs and upgrades to the Buslab for years.

If you’re road-tripping through California this summer, you might spot the occasional Volkswagen Bus. Back in its heyday in the ’60s and 70s, the iconic van was everywhere. Now, devotees of the classic German export invest time and money to keep their VW Buses ticking. Continue reading »

Article source: http://www.scpr.org/programs/take-two/2014/07/29/38611/berkeley-garage-keeps-vintage-vw-buses-on-the-road/

VW celebrates 50000th T5 California camper van

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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is celebrating its iconic California camper van breaking a significant production milestone – 50,000 units from the assembly plant in Hanover Limmer.

“The Volkswagen T5 California is the most popular and best-selling camper van in its class. We have completed production of 50,000 T5 Californias since 2004. This year, with a figure of over 8,100 units, we will achieve the highest level of annual production yet,” said Dr Eckhard Scholz, chairman of the board of management for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Continue reading »

Article source: http://paultan.org/2014/07/31/vw-celebrates-50000th-t5-california-camper-van/

Camper vans, simpler and sleeker than RVs, gain popularity

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It doesn’t take a full tank of gas between here and a state or national park to see that the once-simple motor home has, well, evolved.

All the comforts of a Paris apartment, more electronics than on the International Space Station and, in some cases, they have grown seemingly long enough to land a Cessna on top.

At least one segment of the U.S. RV rental market, however, is opting for smaller and, in most cases, simpler.

In New Zealand, Australia and some European countries, it’s nearly impossible to drive for more than five minutes without seeing one. Camper vans have come a long way from the 1960s Volkswagen bus, and the trend is finally crossing over to the United States. Continue reading »

Article source: http://www.chron.com/cars/article/Camper-vans-simpler-and-sleeker-than-RVs-gain-5639248.php