My first post. 2002 Eurovan Camper, 185,000 mi. Chief Complaint: Catastrophic engine trouble.
12 months and 14,000 miles ago VW dealer installed new engine
400 miles ago, tensioner pulley and belt broke. Did not overheat. Repairs made. No problems for 400 miles.
Started the engine one day, immediately noticed shaking, loss of power, hesitation. Towed to VW Dealer. Dealer reports loss of compression in two valves. Access to head and diagnosis will be $1000 with high risk of costly repair afterward. He said to consider selling it while it is moving under its own power. I confessed that I do not recall changing oil or filter since new engine installed. I had the dealer change the oil and filter and then picked it up. I drove 5 miles to my house and noticed no more trouble. I have driven it 6-7 times with the same result. Then today, I cranked it and the shaking, loss of power, and hesitation returned. I drove about a mile, stopped the engine, cranked it again 5 minutes later, followed by no more trouble. Please comment. Reason for hope?