Aloha folks,
I am the proud new owner of a handsome 1970 VW Campmobile. She's the real deal. I've driven VW's for quite awhile. My first car was a 1972 VW Beetle. I loved that thing. I drove it through my sophomore year in college, when sadly, it died. It wasn't that I didn't take good care of it. I did. To this day I swear it's because my girlfriend at the time hated it. I think she killed it psychically. . . This is beside the point.

My family decided that we would purchase our Westy about 7 months ago, after a lengthy search (and a lot of patience) we were lucky enough to land our VW. I figured that since a lot has changed in the 18 years since I last owned an air-cooled brute, it would be good to reach out to an online community of similarly interested folks to network, bounce maintenance ideas around, share camp recipes and festival destinations.

Happy to be here. See you on the boards - or maybe out on the road sometime.