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Thread: temp gauge, different voltage stabilizer than depicted in Bently, tested it all

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    Lightbulb temp gauge, different voltage stabilizer than depicted in Bently, tested it all

    My name is Max. I live in Costa Rica. I have a 84 California Vanagon. I am having exactly this same issue but I didnīt see it answer in that thread

    05-26-2009, 11:42 PM
    I have a 84 liquid cooled vanagon. I recently sent it in to the mechanics to do a tune up. Just before I sent it in the temp. gauge would spike when I started it up and stay there for a minute with the light blinking. I asked the mechanic to look at it and he ended up replacing the thermostat and sender (which cost me $600 because the bolts were seized). I got the car back and had the same problem. Back to the mechanic and he said it might be the gauge. I could borrow an new one from him but that did not work either. I checked the voltage stabilizer and got 3.5 volts from it so I replaced it. I still get the same reading. There are three prongs that come off the black chip on the voltage stabilizer. The outside two are connected to the circuit and the center one does not touch anything. The bently shows two prongs side by side. Any difference. Also, why would a new v. stab. still read at 3.5V when it should be 10V? Could there be something else wrong like the circuit itself?

    I did change the stabilizar, same reading as John. It comes with 3 prongs, one is left out in the air, no ground, different from picts in Bentley. The foil and connection in my car look different from the Bently, that shows 3 connections. Changed the sender for a new one, same problem. Checked cableīs connectivity, transmits electricity OK. I havenīt checked the gauge itself, donīt know how, but it spikes as soon as I turn on the car. Did you figure this out? My emails is max@oxengroup.net

    Tks a lot !!!! This is driving me crazy cause I canīt figure it out. I am suspecting bad circuit on foil, but havenīt checked.


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    Hi Max, I would suggest that you pull the instrument cluster and check the connections where the connectors attach. Look for corrosion and good contact. Make sure the connections on the foil and the wiring line up and that one is not crossing over two circuits. Start there.


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