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Thread: Horn!

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    Angry Horn!

    I have a newtome 92 Eurovan. The horn started to sound when I backed up with the rear door open. I was airing it out in a parking lot and was changing angle to the sun. I turned the engine off. Waited, then drove hom. On the way, I just about killed a cyclist, when as I passed him, the horn went off again. I banged on the horn and it stopped.
    A week later I took it out, and starting, it blew again! I thumped on the horn, and it stopped. A kilometer away, it blew again. My mechanic, over the phone said it was because the rear door wasn't completely closed. I am pretty sure the first time that it was. I know for sure the 2nd time that it was closed. Any ideas?
    Also, my coolant guage is blinking red as I drive, first time that happened. Any ideas all round?
    Vancouver West Coast BC

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    I do not have a Eurovan or access to the wiring diagrams needed to diagnose this issue but given that you"....banged on the horn and it stopped.." I would suggest your issue is within the steering wheel. Either the switch is defective or the wire to the switch is grounding. Normally, the wire to the switch is routed through the column in some fashion that allows for the stationary wiring (power, ground, horn etc.) to be connected to the moving pieces (steering wheel, switch etc.). The wire from the horn just needs a ground to operate the horn and if that wire is compromised then the horn can go off when the switch is not depressed. So, first step would be to remove the horn switch and drive to see if the issue returns. If it does then you have eliminated the horn switch and should concentrate on the column wiring. If it does not then the issue could be around the switch or contacts.

    Happy hunting.


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