I have a 1982 Vanagon Westy with low miles and in excellent
overall condition and it came with factory AC. My main complaint
with the old air-cooled busses, were that they were underpowered.
The 2 liter engine has 67 horsepower. The most powerful of the 914
Porsche engines was the 1973, which actually put out 104
horsepower. I have purchased one of these engines and plan to do an
engine swap. Physically, the engine on the outside is almost
identical to the bus engine. The throttle linkage is different and
the aircleaner is different, which I can see by observation. I have
also purchased external oil coolers to keep the high HP Porsche
engine cool. It should be a great and reliable Westy after the
conversion, and I am real excited about the thoughts of it when
I would appreciate any information that anyone has about doing
the engine swap, and any links you could point me to which would
provide help or more detailed instructions for the swap.