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Thread: 1990 Westy Transporter idles and turns off by itself

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    Default 1990 Westy Transporter idles and turns off by itself

    Hey folks,

    Tried starting my 1990 transporter the other day to let it run for a bit. What happens is I start the van, it runs for maybe a minute, maybe even a few seconds and then just stops. Tried starting it up and then giving it a bit of gas in the hope that it then gets going, but it still shuts off on its own very quickly. The gas tank is full, so that can't be it.

    Does anyone have any idea what this may be and how I can fix the problem? Any help would be really appreciated!


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    Z, there is so much it could be that I'm not sure where to start. But, it comes down to 4 basic things: Compression, timing, ignition and fuel. If it runs then we will assume that compression and timing are OK for now. That leaves us fuel then ignition. Do you hear the fuel pump run? If it does not continue to run then the engine would run for a little bit on the residual and then cough to a halt (like running out of gas). There are two relays in the engine compartment and one might be going open and cutting off the fuel pump. When the engine does not start can you determine if there is spark? if yes then the issue is fuel and if no then we need to examine the ignition side.

    Let us know.

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