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Thread: Westy site kudos

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    Default More Westy Site Kudos

    Westy Site Kudos

    Since last update – 12/31/08: Here’s another sampling of the posts & emails we’ve received about the site tech boards recently.

    1/2/09: Thanks to you guys for the great help! I am newbie owner of an ‘86 and this site is a fantastic help. – bjrogers

    1/11/09: Hi Mike and All . . . what a resource! – anovelli

    1/12/09: I look forward to finding all the info I need to get it up and running from this great looking site. – Sergio

    1/18/09: Thank you, Capt. -- foden01

    1/19/09: This is all fantastic information. I have really learned a lot, especially relative to "doing the math". big thanks to Capt. Mike and Icarus for the detail. – mbecherer

    1/20/09: Thanks for the help. -- Jack Scheffel

    1/20/08: I've already learned a ton by reading this board, and I want to thank you all for so generously sharing your knowledge. I'd heard Westy owners are a good bunch of people, and this site proves it. – Tucker

    1/30/09: Cheers for that Capt. Mike – Birdy

    2/1/09: Thank you for the information and the diagram. – Danalexander

    2/22/09: Thanks again for the wealth of information on this site. Now if I can find a way to deoxidize the aluminum parts inside I will really be a “Happy Camper”! Cheers -- Danalexander

    2/23/09: Hello to everyone. My eyes are going square from reading and trying to absorb the info on here. – susand

    2/23/09: Thank you Westy Tech for help. -- susand

    2/25/09: Thanks for your help! – Mike '87 Westfalia

    3/18/09: This forum is very informative and I'm hoping to learn more. – Grookitty

    4/22/09: Captain Mike, I'm among the legions of Westy faithful that hasn't posted much but definitely follows your every word of advice when it comes to anything Westfalia. Thanks for all your many good works.-- Steve & Carol Ann Robrahn

    4/26/09: I have been into Vanagons for a long time, and had no idea a site like this even existed. – Captmurphy1972

    4/29/09: Thanks to Capt. Mike and the various members who have posted to the cooling and gauge threads. I added a tachometer to our 82 Westfalia and a oil temperate gauge this winter and the information provided pays dividends in peace of mind. On a 2 hour trek to the Oregon coast last weekend the oil temp sat at 180 under load. The tach helps with shift points . . .. – DANALEXANDER

    4/30/09: This is a great site and venue for information and feedback. – Jim Stapleton

    5/7/09: I have found a wealth on knowledge on westfalia.org . . .. Thank you. – Lee

    5/14/09: What a surprise! Imagine my surprise when I joined up and I found you actively posting since 2000 about the use of tires with proper load ratings! Ya' see, I'm a tire engineer with one of the majors - and I was doing some research and it involved a tire size that is used on the Westfalia. I just wanted to check to see if folks had gotten the message - AND THEY HAVE - thanks to you! Keep up the good work! – CapriRacer

    6/8/09: The site admin helped me out! Thanks again . . . happy Westy'ing. – alarsen0328

    6/16/09: Happy to be part of the site and find a lot of the posts useful in troubleshooting or general improvements I can do to my van. Thanks all. – cee

    6/17/09: Thanks! Fan is re-wired, and working. Thermostat is replaced and opening, lines are bled. The temperature is staying where it should, fans are running when they should. . . . Many, many thanks for the e-mail help from this forum. – debbiej

    6/18/09: Your forum is awesome and super helpful to me, THANK YOU! – Grant Redwine

    6/25/09: Hey there, I'm new to these forums and am finding tons of great info. What a great site. – eyesocket

    7/1/09: Great site! – fudge

    7/24/09: I knew that I could find the answer to my horn not working here . . .. Thanks -- comancheflyer

    8/9/09: It's nice to see a network of people on this site that have such similar interest. – Don

    8/10/09: . . . and this site has already become my fav -- great posts. Jo100

    9/12/9: As a new Westfalia owner, I can not tell you how helpful this site is! – Whiskey Westie

    9/13/09: Thanks for the info! Very helpful . . . Appreciate your help and I hope I can add to the community with my experiences! – Michael Fay

    9/25/09: Thanks again. You people are the best! I’ve sent all of this information on to my mechanic . . .. Your help in this regard was and is very much appreciated. -- Larry (and Susan)

    10/17/09: I've enjoyed reading your posts and learning things from all of you. Anyway, here I am, and thanks to the moderator for such an enjoyable site. – alaskaborn

    11/2/09: Even with the hiccups, Westfalia.org is still by far the best website for Vanagon owners. I came across Van Cafe website the other day while looking for a part and noticed that they have some repair info but it's nothing compared to what you can find on Westfalia.org. -- jdpetro
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    Default Big thanks...

    I want to thank you guys for your pay it forward spirit on this web site. I just got a great deal on an '81 westy, and though I'm mechanically inclined, I have not westy experience. In the matter of a few days I got the popane leaks repaired and all systems including the fridge functioning, I'm excited. The fridge was a major deal, I thought I was going to have to pull the thing, but after reading the tricks in your forum I got it fired off on LP. It really helped to read the forums. I have to say that to engineer these systems are one thing, but an all together and similar accomplishement to trouble shoot these systems. You guys made it enjoyable, reading the posts and the shared frustrations made it less painful. Now if I could just get my finger nails clean. cheers
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