Hi Jason,

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. For some reason I missed your reply.

The body of the distributer has the cap attached and the shaft is connected to the camshaft so the relationship between the cap and the rotor is what gives you the ignition timing. If you rotate the distributer body (and with it the cap) then the spark will arrive earlier or later in relation to the crankshaft (since it's connected to the camshaft). According to the Haynes manual I have the distributer rotates clockwise so turning the distributer body counterclockwise will 'advance' the spark and clockwise will 'retard' the timing.

The problem I see is that you say the timing is "..It seemed to kind of jump around a lot..". If the timing is moving around then that suggests some wear in some component not allowing your timing to be consistent. Advancing or retarding the distributer will move your base setting but will not stop the 'jumping' around.

The manual also says that you should rotate the distributer until the mark on the pully lines up with the joint of the case halves.

Let me know if this helps,