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Thread: '78 sputters

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    Default '78 sputters

    I am sorry to resort to stupid questions but I have been searching the interweb for answers all day.
    My '78 westy (fuel injected 2000 engine) has been sputtering badly in 3rd and 4th gear when under a load. I always thought it was my injectors getting worse but now realize the problem is my points. I want to switch to an electronic ignition system and wanted to know which one is best. I found a used Comp U Fire for $99.
    I also want to switch to a Bosch Ignition Coil. My current coil is painted blue and not from Germany. I heard the black Bosch units work so much better. This sputtering seems to get worse the hotter the engine is.

    Thanks to anyone with the time to help me out.

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    Did you get your problem solved?

    In researching this your vehicle does not have 'points' as such. It has a hall effect switch. I would guess (by your symptoms) that your coil may be the issue so hopefully changing that solved your problem.


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