Hey folks,

I've just purchased my very first Westy - it's a 1990 Transporter (manual), so I'm assuming it falls into the category of a Vanagon? Anyway, I'm just super excited to be learning about it, and funny enough I can't even drive it at the moment since I need to learn how to drive a manual. I've been driving automatic all my life.

Excited to be part of this community and I feel like I need to learn a lot about this van! I want to be able to at least know the basics in case there's something wrong and I need to handle the situation on the road in the middle of nowhere. I understand, of course, that it's a long process, but I'm ready to start.

I'm wondering if someone here could direct me to the right place/site - I want to find the appropriate vehicle manual for the model that I have. Here's a photo of it -- 2012-08-13 17.53.39.jpg

Any general advice for newbies would be greatly appreciated.

PS. I'm located in Toronto if anyone else is around here