Hello there from beautiful BC. We just purchased a 1978 Westfalia and are going to do a couple of nights camping here at Herold Park. The bus is in good rustfree condition as the body was restored about 4 years ago but we want to make our own modifications to make it ours and better for us. The water reservoir was removed along with the drain and pump and we would like to put that back to the way it was and would appreciate any info regarding that, especially pics or diagrams. Also the fridge was gutted and is now a cooler which we are okay with. We want to change the front seats to better buckets and would appreciate any input regarding what fits and modifications needed for that. The dual battery setup is not working so I have to deal with that and then I would like to use the fridge wiring for a couple of 12 V power outlets and toalso hook up a power outlet at the dash ( it has a weird otlet under the glovebox I would like to be able to use) as well as hook the stereo up to be powered with the aux. battery once it is working correctly. The wiring for the aux. battery is all foo-barred so I will need to fix that. Anyways, I am not foriegn to these forums as I belong to a camaro site as I have restored a 1970 camaro and got lots of good info through that site. I know this site will be very helpful and I look forward to getting into this bus and learning things that I can help others with. All the best, Bob