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Thread: Day 1 - Westy 1971 - Time to get started but where? Engine code help...

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    Default Day 1 - Westy 1971 - Time to get started but where? Engine code help...

    Hey all,
    I am new here but think I will be spending some time on this board. A bit about me, my name is Shawn and I am in Toronto. I bought a Westy to spend some time with my 2 year old camping and driving around "looking for adventure". I like music so the bus will probly make it to some local shows in upstate N.Y and some other boarding states.

    I just purchased a 1971 Westy in 6/10 shape and can't wait to get it back on the road. I will try and keep my posts to a minimum and only when I can find other info. The start of this adventure requires me figuring out the engine that is in the bus. I have read what I can find and I thought the code was to start with a couple of letters. The engine I have is all VW stamped but its all numbers. It reads 126-072033
    The bus plaque states TYP23-517 and the other code is 2312362624....not sure if those are relevant.
    Also since I am looking for in, I did the compression test, is there cause for alarm when the numbers are higher than expected - 110,110,120,150?
    And finally....rebuilding a front Caliper, is that overly difficult? Do I really need to get it sand blasted first?

    Thanks so much guys,

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    If you're having trouble figuring out the engine code it's time to ask if you really need it. If your engine is original it is 41 years old. If it has been replaced then it could be anything. Either way, what it started out as is less important than what you have now. I would spend more time trying to figure out what condition the current engine is in as that is the relative issue. Caliper rebuilding should be fairly straight forward.

    Let us know where you are with the engine and we'll go from there.

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