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Thread: Intermittent high idle, trouble starting on 91 Westy

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    Default Intermittent high idle, trouble starting on 91 Westy

    Hello friends,

    I have been looking in the archives and have not found my exact problem, so here it is:
    Van usually purrs, but on ocassion, after running (sometimes 20, sometimes 200 miles) I will come to a stop and the idle is high, around 2 grand, and will not kick down. 9 out of 10 times if I turn her off when the idle is high, she will not start. Same complaint I read often. Cranks fine, won't catch. After at least 20 minutes, finally catches (barely) smokes abit, fuel smell, and off I go. Totally intermittent. Lately seems to be happening while pretty hot.
    Once in a while she runs somewhat rough, and really lacks normal power, then runs fine.
    This is been going on for years, and I have always been able to move on if I am patient.
    I have read about a "heat sensor", but can not find one at go westy, or volks cafe? Does my year have one?

    Anyway, I hope someone out there could shed some light on this subject for me. I did clean all the grounds some time back, and have not really checked them out.

    This is my lifes greatest mystery at present. She can run perfect for months without this happening.
    Thank you in advance for any response, ideas, and knowledge of this subject.



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    Unfortunately this site does not have the following it once had. Stop on by wwwthesamba.com where you will get more help/information than you can absorb.


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