I'm just such a happy camper-have had my little '86 vanagon for a few weeks now, and have already been on an overnighter, tipped the poor thing off the road and taken a trip to Jasper. I don't reccommend backing a poor little van off of skinny little homebuilt roads-in-progress unless of course your fridge doesn't start...apparantly that is the cure. Note that if you are using this method of getting your recalcitrant fridge going, it is good to choose a road built on top of muck. Makes for a softer landing...
Have also had fun chasing down the elusive 20w 50 oil for the dear van. And I was glad I bought the real filters after I read about the backflow valve which isn't present in the Fram model-this is one instance where heavier is better!

Off packing for the next trip!