Hello! I live in San Antonio and currenty do not own a westy, but am planning on getting one soon. They are hard to come by down here. I moved down here 2 years ago from the Seattle area and miss seeing subarus and westys. I am an avid subaru owner and have had many, currently on my third with over 200k mi (5th overall). I know that many of you are purists, but at some point, I will probably be doing an engine swap on whatever westy I get. I will be honest, I have been a mechanic for many years and even though I don't turn wrenches every day anymore, I have always disliked the complicated overengineering of the volkswagens. I know the subaru (esp the 2.2) very well and sold my previous subaru when I left Seattle with 240k on the odometer with all original drivetrain (96 OBS 2.2, 5sp). I can take out one, re-seal it down to the head gaskets and have it back on the road in one day. I love the simplicity of them... Anyways, I hope to learn alot from this forum, some from your mistakes and hopefully make some friends and destinations in the end.