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Thread: Which Is Smarter?

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    Exclamation Which Is Smarter?

    I have a decision to make and I need brains smarter than my own to advise me.

    I have to decide between a mint 1979 Westfalia in showroom condition, or really nice 1987 Westfalia also in perfect running order.

    I really want to use the vehicle I choose. I need it to be dependable.

    Any thoughts or suggestions? We will head to the mtns on occasion and live in a fairly mild climate.

    Your opinions would be appreciated.

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    As of this year they are both classic vehicles. I say that for the purpose of putting them both in the same dependability category. Must change fuel lines on both if it has not been done! As an owner of a wider , more stable 87' I would go for the 79. It is more valuable , gets more attention, better looking, cozier?. I tell my brother [ he has a 73 and does not see my van as in the same cult] "mine is just like yours but everything works." They will both require the same patience, go with the better previous owner history. I am not a mechanic but I have gotten to know many, anyone that will work on one will more than likely work on the other, most non-VW shops will look at you funny when you come in with either. Upgrade your tripleA card and enjoy!
    James Conlin 87

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    which one do you really want.your going to have to work on either in time.which sytle do you really like.which would be more fun to drive.don't know about a79,but had a 68 camper(loved it)and my 85 westy has a better heater.both fun to drive.they teach you patience in driving and working on them
    85 westy auto with tiico conversion


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