Hi Group,
I've had my newly aquired 93 eurovan weekender for about a month now. It's has 170,000 miles and seems basically sound. After catching up on deferred maintainance and chasing vacuum leaks and such for a few weeks things seem quite solid. After 1400 miles the transmission fluid and engine oil are quite clear and smell fine. Other fluids look great.
My most pressing issue concerns the auxillary battery. (I've no westy user manual. Does one exist?) While there's a 110v plug coming out the front, I can't find either a charger, battery meter, control panel or inverter. Are eurovan weekenders equipped with such? Right now I've removed the second battery, insulated all conections and terminals and am in the process of seeing if the battery will take and hold a charge and trying to learn a means to test the relay.
Also, I've the 5 cylinder gas engine and there's some lifter noise when cold at lower rpm
is this typical. I believe I can also sense som valve float with it sudden drop down from maybe 3000rpm to idle under no load. Are these engines prone to suck valves? (yes, I worry about most everything that could possably go south)
Thanks for any help and direction, Bob