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Thread: best conversion for improved fuel economy?

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    Default best conversion for improved fuel economy?

    I have a 1983 Westphalia and I'm not driving it much because of high gas prices. Are there conversions that would make a noticeable difference in the gas mileage it gets? I'm not so much interested in more power, just better use of gas.

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    Unless you are getting 5 mpg, It is not economically feasable to replace an engine just to save money at the pump. Quick math example: Lets say you are getting 16 mpg. (if its worse than that, maybe you just need a good tune-up) At $3.50/gal, it costs you about $10,937.50 to go 50,000 miles. If you spend money to replace your engine and end up getting 20 mpg, over those 50,000 miles, you would only save $2187.50. If you spend $6,000 to do an engine conversion, it will take you 150,000 miles to break even, and that is with a 4 mpg difference. I am not saying that you shouldn't do it, but maybe its better to wait until your stock motor dies and there is more than one reason to replace it. My theory is when a part breaks, upgrade it, if it still works, leave it alone. If you are really interested in gaining a couple mpg's, there are a few options I have seen work. First things first, a healthy engine-plugs, filters, etc. I have seen 1-2 mpg gains on some vehicles with just a K&N filter. There is also a few companies out there that make hydrogen generators that take water and break up the hydrogen and oxygen molecules that make it up and feed the gasses into the engine making it 'burn a little hotter'. They usually claim more hp and 15-20% more mpgs. I have not personally tried these yet, but I do want to and I don't really see why replacing the non flammable air that goes into the engine with hydrogen wouldn't help... Anyways, thats enough from me. Hope this helps and keep us updated.

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    Default best conversion for improved fuel economy

    Thanks for all the info from everyone i have just got a couple more questions and would be grateful for any advice first of all in Queensland do i do the conversion then get it engineered or do i need a report before i do the conversion secondly do i need to upgrade the brakes to put the 1uz in??? Thanks

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    Default best conversion for improved fuel economy

    but I picked one up very cheap in a local scrapyard, the engine is definitley running a bit smoother but im not sure the power is back. Ill have to do a few miles to see if the fuel economy is improved.


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