Hi Im new to the board and forums:
I post as Jack Tar but you can call me Doug if you like. My wife of 37 years is Ruth. I have just retired and bought my first Westfalia. My wife and I are live aboards in Tacoma Washington. I.E. we live on our 51' sailboat (Angelique). We have been aboard for 6 1/2 years and are at present transitioning from one boat to another. Selling and moving down in size to allow more cruising and ability to single hand. We are also begining to explore via the van and will be doing a few road trips. Winter in the PNW suck so we plan to head South in fall to where the butter melts and North in the spring to begine cruising. I am not new to VWs and have through the years owned a lot of them. I sold my 2004 Jetta TDI to purchase the 1989 Westy. Most of my VW experiance is with air cooled older bugs. I have also organized a few car club cruises and one club. I look forward to re entering the VW circle and becoming involved in activities. If your in the PNW please feel free to contact me.