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Thread: Heater Dilemma

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    Default Heater Dilemma

    Hello! I have a 1984 Volkswagen Westfalia. It has been in my family for 23 years and it is full of life. Everything original, everything still working, simply miraculous. Next week I am planning on taking it to Yosemite for a camping trip. It will be very chilly there and so I was contemplating the use of the built-in heater that is capable of heating the interior without use of the engine. I believe it burns gasoline, then blows hot air through the floor vent into the rear of the vehicle. The reason I am skeptical of using this heating mechanism, however, is that I smell exhaust when it is in use. Seeing as how carbon monoxide can be a silent killer, I have refrained from using it. Is this my imagination? Does anyone know if this is a safe option for heating the cab without resulting in possible asphyxiation? Or if there is an easy fix to a problem which I am unaware of? I am dying to be enlightened...

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    first thing get a carbon monxide detector.is it gas or propane it runs on?try running it in driveway and see what the detector does.plus leave window cracked.get van wrm then turn heater off while sleeping too.lots of covers.turn heater on in the morning.just test and see what detector says
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    I'm also looking for an auxiliary heater for our '87 Westy (2.1 litre, automatic trans). We tried the catalytic heater, but did not like the smell or fume risk. I have since discovered a heater from Hilton
    It's actually a block heater but the water is heated to 145 degrees F. so I think it might work as an interior heater too via the regular van heater fan, core, etc. Does anyone know of this unit being installed into a Westy? If yes, how well is it working?

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