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Thread: Hello from Seattle, WA

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    Default Hello from Seattle, WA

    I recently purchased my first VW vanagon (1987 Westfalia) last Summer. I've wanted one for years but was always too late to respond to ads, I think because my "Winnie" was waiting for me! After finishing the camping season in Winnie, I gave my tent gear to my kids. The original owner took stellar care of her and I'm looking forward to continuing that tradition. My last VW was a 1973 Beetle. Any advice or tips is always greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading!
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    Congratulations on the newish member to the family. I would make sure the fuel lines have been brought up to date. The additives in todays gas formulas can reek havoc on an older hose. I like to use a full synthetic oil in my 82 air-cooled Westy. Its a good idea to change out the break fluid every year or so. A transmission fluid renew might be in order. It really depends on how well a previous owner carred for your new Van. Just like any vehicle thats going on 20+ years...a regular maintenance schedule on your part will only make for a happy Westy owner. Happy and safe travels to you.

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