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Thread: How To clean Engine

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    Default How To clean Engine

    I have a new Westy - and the first thing I really want to do is clean it - Any suggestions on cleaning the engine?
    Please advise - Thanks

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    Many products are available over the counter that effectively remove grease and oil. Stuff like Simple Green or 409 have been used. Whatever you use, just be sure to keep it and water away from the electrics. Cover up your dizzy with a plastic bag and zip tie it snug.
    Something else to remember is, the wires that connect to everything are pretty old so be careful when your scrubbing off the built up grease and oil.
    While your dressing up your pride and joy, check out your fuel lines.Chances are,they are the originals and its a reeeeeel goooooood idea to replace them with a fuel line that can handle the additives that the refinery adds to todays fuel. Dont skimp on this item...get a Goodyear or Gates fuel line that has SAE-J-30R9 stamped on it.
    Good luck and safe travels 2ya.


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