This is a continuation of (My Go Westy journey)


All parts are in, painted the new headers with Rustoleum High Heat Barbecue Paint. Its not suppose to peel off when it gets hot.
I will probably pull the flashing around the engine and paint it to before I take it in.

Replacing the plastic bleeder valve with an aluminum billet bleeder value. This is gonna look great under the engine cover. Replacing the plastic H-Pipe with a metal one as well.

I just read about using a non-phosphate antifreeze. I'll have em flush the cooling system 1st thing, then replace the antifreeze with the correct type.
I went with the Prestone Extended life, 50/50 premix, Phosphate free.

The 6th can't come soon enough, hope all goes as planned.
Will post again


I've been under the van for the last 3 days. 1st removed the flashing around the engine, used a harsh cleaner, got it back to stock looking galvanized silver.

Took off the stainless steel push rod tube covers and cleaned them up, polished the outside with mothers metal polish. I saw a trace of green antifreeze coming out by #1, just a drop, by the head seal. Me thinks I took the right path getting a whole new engine. Last owner used a phosphate based antifreeze, who knows how long its been eating into the aluminum heads all though I never have had any water in the oil.

Today I took off all the header braces, one rusty nasty mess. Removed all the rust and then treated with Rust-Mort, rinsed, dried, painted. This will look great with my new headers, painted with rustoleum heat proof barbecue paint, (Not suppose to Peel). Tomorrow it all goes back together and then its off to the shop for my new engine. Sweeet! Gonna look clean as a whistle..