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Thread: what type of oil?

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    Default what type of oil?

    i have a 1979 westfalia and it needs oil and i dont know what type or brand is best in florida heat please help!

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    I use the Mobil1 synthetic in my air (oil) cooled Westy.It and the Wix or Mahle oil filter keeps her happy.Living in California we dont have the drastic seasonal changes like other States do but I use 10-40 in the Winter months and then change it over to 15-50 during the Summer.
    Mobil1 seems to have the added protection of a Zinc package thats incorporated into their "mix".
    Oil type and what brand and how often you change it can be talked about until the cows come home so read up on whats available. Factor in your driving style when choosing whats best for your Van.
    Safe and happy travels 2ya

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    I use the Brad Penn (green oil) for my 1982 aircooled westy here in Florida, so far no issues, the engine runs just fine in the summer heat going down to the Keys quite frequently. I get this oil from a oil distributor located on 441 in Dade county, their phone # 305-652-2944 address 205 NE 179 st Miami Fl 33162. Some people in the know said this oil is great for flat-tappet engines (aircooled). Just my 2 cnts.


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