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Thread: My Go Westy Engine Journey

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    Default My Go Westy Engine Journey

    I want to keep a record of swapping out a 1.9 83 Vanagon Adventure Camper engine. I bought this vehicle last April and I gambled that the engine just needed a few minor repairs. I was just over 100,000 miles and had all the receipts. It had been reasonable maintain.

    I knew it had a noisy lifter on (#3) but really didn't understand that it had been that way for a while and all the time it was beating the stuffing out of the valve. In hind site I should have done a simple compression check. To make matters worse (#1) started to go after I have replaced (#3). The Van still had pretty good power until 1 day it just went Uhggg.

    I also had flickering oil light at an idle. This was a good indicator that a whole new engine was going to be needed. I got it to quit with some 20/50 oil for a while but it came back when the engine was warm. It never came on except at a low idle.

    I went through every bolt on and tune up part your could think of. Then I finally did a compression check. #1= 0, #2 = 145, #3 = 30, #4 = 135.
    What blows my mind is this thing still starts and drives. Its sounds great when the #3 lifter gets oil. But it doesn't have any power.

    I tried readjusting the valves, no good. Then I knew I would have to at least do the top end. I agonized over just doing the top end and replacing the whole engine. After reading may posts and listening to some good mechanics I decided to go for the whole new engine.

    I am now deep out of pocket but that's OK. I want my van fixed right.
    I've got the Go Westy GVW 2200 coming this week. To add to that I have purchased as many new water cooling hoses as I could get, a new clutch, an new exhaust system. I already replaced the major bolt on tune up parts.

    I just didn't have the money for a new rebuilt tranny. But this to will get replaced eventually.

    The engine is going in on 2/6. I have high hopes that this is all going to be worth it. The last guy that came in to the shop I'm going to use told the owner to crush his van and walked away from it. They bought it for salvage.

    I feel that I has a good core and should get most of my core deposit back. I'd sure like to be there when they tear it down.

    Will post later after I get the Van back

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    congrat's on the new engine.once it's in and running you'll notice the differnce in power
    85 westy auto with tiico conversion


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