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Thread: 8 amp Fuse for water pump repeatedly shorts out. Help?

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    Default 8 amp Fuse for water pump repeatedly shorts out. Help?

    1989 Westphalia w/ 182,000 miles. Water pump is inoperable. Only thing I can find is that the 8 amp fuse, located near the driver side door frame, keeps shorting out. I know next to nothing about repairing cars and would appreciate any help the community could provide. Thanks VERY much, Lou in Orange County California. zimmyman@hotmail.com

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    16 amp fuse for fridge and 8 amp for waterpump(behind drivers seat).you either have a short in the wiring or pump.you can try to follow the wires to see if there's a bare spot on the wires shorting out,but chances are the pump has gone bad.86 to 91 pumps sit in water.gowesty and van-cafe.com have them for 29.95
    85 westy auto with tiico conversion


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